Double Magazine carrier in Multicam Original Infused Kydex for an FNH FNX 45
Double Magazine Carrier for a Glock in OD Green Texas Flag.
Double Magazine Carrier for a 1911 in Multicam Black Infused Kydex.
Double Magazine Carrier for an FNH FNX 45 in Betsy Ross.
Double Magazine Carrier for Glock in Multicam Black fabric.
Double Magazine Carrier for Glock in Raptor Black.
Double Magazine Carrier in MAS Grey with EMT Red eyelets for Sig Sauer P226.
Double Magazine Kydex Carrier in American Flag Blood Red infused kydex for a Glock 43 G43.

Double Magazine Kydex Carrier

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***We recommend that if you are going to carry you should also carry an extra magazine and train to draw from the carrier as part of your practice.*** 

Double magazine carrier with adjustable retention and ride height.

All magazine carriers are made with the bullets facing forward. 

We have a large array of Kydex colors, prints and fabrics.  We offer Multicam, Kryptek and ATACS in fabrics just to name a few. Check out here for examples: Colors/Fabrics

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