IWB Single Belt Clip available in 1.5" and 1.75"
Quick Release belt clips that hold the holster snug and close to the body, but you can remove the holster without having to remove your belt.
MALICE Clips with Hardware.
Solid Belt Clips. 3D Printed with glass fiber reinforced nylon.
Tek-Lok/X-LOCK is a strong belt clip that is perfect for Duty and OWB carry.  Belt clip is adjustable to accommodate different belt sizes.  Stiff belt is recommended.

Extra Belt Clips

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***When ordered separately Belt Clips will ship within 1 to 2 business days***

Extra belt clips have become the most requested add-ons asked for from our fellow Patriots.  We are now offering belt clips that we utilize to be ordered separately and with or without hardware.

All belt clips with hardware include (IWB Single will contain less hardware):

  •     Belt Clip
  •     4x Screws with thread lock treatment.
  •     4x Rubber washers/spacers
  •     4x Post