This is a comprehensive document that is broken up into the most common questions that we get. Please choose one the below options if it pertains to your question. 


  1. Status of my order:
  2. What is the differences between the cant options and what would we recommend?
  3. I’m law enforcement, fire/ems or Military and would like the coupon code.
  4. Do you have this gun mold/magazine?
  5. Custom prints
  6. What’s a sweat guard and what are the differences in the options?
  7. I’m local and would like to visit the shop
  8. Can you ship overseas or to an APO/FPO?
  9. What thickness are your holsters?




Status of Order

The latest status of your order can be found here: ORDER STATUS

We do our best to keep our lead times between 4 to 8 weeks based on the quantity, options and availability of supplies. 

Custom prints/fabric covered can add to the lead times. Lead times are estimations and not guaranteed completion dates.

Everything we make is by hand one at a time by a husband and wife team; there are just two of us making your holsters.  When we set out to start this business we wanted to move away from the mass production mentality and bring back the old way of doing things.  Each holster that we make gets the same attention to detail that our customers have come to love and is what has helped to grow this business. We are making an item that will allow you to carry safely and comfortably and we take this very seriously…one day you may have to use your firearm to defend yourself.

Because the holster business is a small one there are not a lot of suppliers (there are a total of 2 reliable suppliers of parts in this whole industry and they both do not carry the same parts) so parts can be limited.  We do everything we can to have inventory, but due to the large amount of options that we have there are some items that are ordered when you place your order.   The popularity of items such as the infused and fabric overlaid Kydex means that there can be a short supply of the materials and this can cause delays in getting in the parts.     




What CANT would we recommend?

For the CANT it is all based on where you will be carrying.  If you will be carrying on your hip I would suggest a straight drop.  If you carry at your 4 or 5 o’clock on your waist it would be best to carry at a 10 or 15 degree cant. We have a good reference page showing the different CANTs here: CANT Options.

It’s all about the angles of your wrist, elbow and shoulder and putting you in the right position to have a quick, smooth draw and holstering of the firearm. Here is a really good video that does an excellent job of explaining the reasons for carrying as I have recommended: https://youtu.be/imuOBvKCyKQ



I’m law enforcement, fire/ems or Military and would like the coupon code.


We do provide 10% off for all Military, law enforcement and FIRE/EMS/First Responders. Use your GOVX ID to get your coupon here: GOVX ID

 ***If you are shipping out or need your order by a certain date we do not charge extra for Military, law enforcement and FIRE/EMS/First Responders, but we request that you provide us with the date order is needed and if you did not use your GOVX ID at purchase we will also need credentials. If you already placed your order please provide us with the order number. This is offered by request and placing of an order with your GOVX ID or other coupon does not automatically put you into the expedited production.


Do you have this gun mold/magazine?

If you don't see your gun in the drop down please do not order and use the Contact Us first here: Contact Us.

There are thousands of firearms out there and we do our best to have the most popular models available.  

At this time we are not purchasing new gun molds or magazines so if you do not see your particular model on the website then unfortunately we cannot make a holster for you.  Whenever we get new molds in we send an email to those on our mailing list and we would recommend that if you would like to be kept up to date on the latest options that you should join the mailing list.


Custom Prints


We would be more than happy to handle custom prints. 

If you’d like to order a custom print you would select on the Front/Rear Kydex the option: **CustomPrint -Email us with image and order number to admin@crankytexans.com. Let us know how you want the image laid out on the holster.

There is a $35 fee for the setup of the infusion image.  We normally have to edit any image that we receive so that it will infuse correctly. 


What’s a sweat guard and what are the differences in the options?


The sweat guard is the piece of Kydex that extends up the rear part of the slide past the rear trigger guard area on the side facing the body.  It provides a barrier between your skin and the metal of the firearm:


  • Full Sweat Guard - Covers the full length of the slide past the rear of the trigger guard area. 
  • Med Sweat Guard - Covers 50-60% of the slide past the rear of the trigger guard area. 
  • None - even cut with the front Kydex piece which is about 1/4" to 1/2" past the rear trigger guard area


I’m local and would like to visit the shop.


We are always happy to meet with our customers, but due to the way production works we will have to schedule a time to meet.  We do not have a store front and the shop is located on private property.  Please reach out to us at admin@crankytexans.com to schedule a time to meet with us.


Can you ship overseas or to an APO/FPO?

We can ship overseas and APO/FPO but we do have some exceptions and in the end it is up to us to decide.

***Please note that the country that you are stationed in can have a say so as to what can and can't be sent to individual military personal.  Please check with your postal clerk if you are not sure.***


  • We will not ship to China, Iran, Syria or Pakistan.
  • We will ship to Afghanistan, Iraq and UAE for military/state department personal to APO/FPO only.
  • Will not ship to any country that we are currently at war with, have embargos in place or that we feel would not be in the best interest of our business.   You can find the current embargos here: https://www.pmddtc.state.gov/embargoed_countries/


What thickness are your holsters?

The Kydex thickness for OWB and IWB are .080"

We can go up to .093" if needed at an extra charge.  Reach out to us at admin@crankytexans.com.